DjamBack Chern Hwei (Violin) Brad Mack (Percussion) Pete List (Beatbox) Carmine Guida (Cumbus) JeBon Bellyqueen Djinn Kaeshi

  WEDNESDAY, december 14

Beatbox Guitar

Celebrating rob & NOBUKO's birthdays
TWO BANDS! beatbox guitaR & NOBUFLUTE

The Brooklyn based duo, Beatbox Guitar create an innovative mix of flamenco, psychedelic rock, hip hop and punk. Human beatboxer, Pete List's effortless flow of beat and breath on the mic showcases Rob Mastrianni's intricate guitar and electric sitar stylings.
Dancers include Diana, Koyuki, Laurel and Flamenco dance by Marisol.

Nobuko Miyazaki (Flute & shinobue)
Nemanja Rebic (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
April Centrone (Arabic percussion + drums)
Yuka Kameda (Tap Dance)
Performing worldly, jazzy compositions by Nobuko and traditional Japanese & Arabic music.
Joined the amazing tap dancer, Yuka Kameda

  WEDNESDAY, december 21

no djam this week. holiday break!

  WEDNESDAY, december 28

NO Djam this week. holiday break!

  WEDNESDAY, january 4

Athena Najat

kasia (italy) & ATHENA NAJAT (GREECE) with carmine & Brad's new band at jeboN

Athena Najat is a Greek-American belly dancer with an extensive background in classical ballet and modern dance techniques. She began her Middle Eastern dance education under the mentoring of master teachers in New York such as Serena, Rayhana, and Layla, whose motivation and encouragement deeply inspire her performances. She has since travelled the world to experience the dance traditions of Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, and Israel and continues to extend her research and learning in this rich dance form.

Kasia is multifaceted dancer that has studied jazz, modern, swing dance/Savoy style Lindy Hop, classical, african, hip hop, oriental dance, martial arts, Pilates, Yoga, and Gyrotonics. Some of her schools of study include: Alvin Ailey (NYC, USA), Browadway Dance Center (NYC, USA)], Millenium Dance Complex (Los Angeles, USA), GiguyWassa African Dance, (Florence, Italy), Scuola del Fiume/Istituto di WuShu (Florence, Italy). Her love of dance began during her early childhood in Nigeria, where she first came in contact with local dance tradition and Micheal Jackson videos. She pursued Kinesiology and Molecular Biology at the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA) with a focus on the Physical Therapist profession. In 2001 she started her studies in bellydance with Jehan Kamal (NYC, USA). She specializes in/dedicates herself entirely to Fusion Bellydance, is an ongoing student of dance and movement, currently pursuing classical ballet at Hamlyn, and the Gyrotonic Expansion System at Karma Gyrotonics (Florence, Italy). She is a very active instructor since 2004, teaching an average of 20-25hours/weekly. In 2010, Kasia was selected to take part of the first ever bellydance reality show, created by Cheeky Girls Productions, Project Belly Dance. She is Level 2 certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format. In 2011 she was accepted to tour with Manca Pavli's AMAYA Dance Company and Jillina's Bellydance Evolution Italy/Prague tour. She is currently working as a dance teacher, performer and personal trainer. | Watch her dance on Youtube

  WEDNESDAY, january 11


akim the funk buddha, KAESHI & djinn at jebon

Akim Funk Buddha is a multi-faceted performance artist who's known for his holistic approach to Hip Hop, drawing from a full spectrum of cultural traditions and artistic disciplines. Akim has performed his show at venues such as Summer Stage, The Blue Note, The Kennedy Center (DC),BAM Café, and Lincoln Center Outdoors, to name a few. Akim toured the world with the Bill T Jones (Tony award winning Director). Princess Lockerooo is a choreographer and international dance champion in the style of dance called Waacking. (Winner of HDI Waacking Competition 2010) Princess Lockerooo has been performing and developing work with Akim Funk Buddha such as Carmen, The Urban Opera. Princess Lockerooo performed Carmen in Italy at the international dance festival Civitanova Danza. Lockernation is a professional performing Children's Dance Company. Lockernation has performed with Lockerooo & Akim Funk Buddha at the Summer Stage & the BAM Café. Lockernation Won the Stars of Tomorrow competition at the Apollo theater.

  WEDNESDAY, january 18


kaeshi & beatbox guitar at jebon

Of Chinese descent, Kaeshi Chai was born in Brunei and brought up in New Zealand and Australia. She co-founded the New York based dance company, Bellyqueen, with Amar Gamal in 1998 and is it's current artistic director. In 2004, Kaeshi also co-founded "PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment)", a healing dance and music community, which has rapidly spread into many branches all over the US and internationally. Kaeshi has performed and taught all over the world including the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Bali, Trinidad, Australia and extensively throughout Asia. In 2003-2004, she performed with the first professional touring bellydance company in the world, the "Bellydance Superstars" and held the position of dance captain for the 2004 US & Canadian Spring tour. She can be seen in the following DVDs, "American Bellydancer", "Bellydance Jam" by Bellyqueen, "Live in Paris at the Folies Begere", and "Crazed: The Bellydance". In her spare time, Kaeshi studies Mandarin, enjoys travelling, and drinking Soy Chai Lattes.

  WEDNESDAY, january 25


OUTI (EGYPT) & djinn at jebon

Outi stepped into the world of Egyptian dance in 1992. What started out as a fun experiment soon turned into a lifelong passion. She was captivated by the new sounds and the beautiful, yet incredibly challenging movements. As her commitment to Oriental dance grew, she became an active member of the Finnish Masrah Dance Company, which performs both Egyptian cabaret style and different folkloric dances of the North Africa and the Middle East. Highlights with Masrah include several theater productions, as well as participation in dance festivals in China, Cyprus and Egypt. All the while she performed as a soloist in diverse venues and events in Finland. Curiosity about the work opportunities in Egypt and the desire to take her dance to the next level resulted in Outi's arrival in Cairo in 2005. The transition turned out to be a success both artistically and professionally. She has already appeared on highly esteemed stages such as Sheraton Cairo, Nile Maxim, Marriott and Citystars, Heliopolis. She and her orchestra also perform in weddings and other private parties. Work engagements have taken her to Alexandria, Hurghada, Sinai, to mention a

A modern blend of ancient party music with human beatbox, electr
onics, a taste of traditional middle eastern flavor, and a mouthful of NYC style.



January 7 Ilhan Karabacak, Kazuma Motomura, Korhan Busaran, Tiny Love, Mika and Sam
January 19 Sandralis, Kaeshi, Fire Blossoms and Beatbox Guitar
January 26 Andrea Anwar and musicians Rami, Haig, Souren and Umut
February 2 Mimi Fontana, Manhattan Tribal, Irina A and DJ Derajja
February 9 Tarik Sultan's birthday, Kaeshi
February 16 Kierra's 50th birthday, Kaeshi, PURE NYC
February 23 Layla Isis, Kaeshi, Cherrelle, Kiervi, Regina
March 2 Mariyah, Kaeshi
March 9 Christina, Kaeshi, Beatbox Guitar, Pete's birthday
March 16 DJ Amar (CA), Calamity Sam (CA), Fazyah, Irina A, Barushka, Lauren R
March 23 Elisheva, Kaeshi, Djinn
March 30 Marcela (Spain), Irina Akulenko, Rising Sirens
April 6 Tamar, Beatbox Guitar
April 13 Lale Sayoko, Olga Warda Kendall (Czech Republic)
April 20 Sera Solstice, Isis, Kaeshi, Brad's birthday party, Djinn
April 27 Azza Amon, Zikrayat, Melissa, Mikat
May 4 Thalia, Kaeshi, Lale Sayoko (Flying Apsaras), Djinn
May 11 Pacita, Rio Raqs, Beatbox Guitar
May 18 Sarah Hassan, Sandralis, Irina Akulenko
May 25 Mariyah, Ruby and Djinn
June 1 Sarah Jezebel Wood, Elizabeth Muise, Shane
June 8 Feline Fusion, Irina Kom, Dhyana, Lauren Robbiani, Beatbox Guitar
June 15 Reyna Alcala, Haig M, Seido S, Umut Y, Alby R, Mayu and Naoko (Tokyo)
June 22 Layla Mary, Kaeshi, Djinn
June 29 Susan Frankovich, Anasma, Erika Ochoa Djinn, Beatbox Guitar
July 6 Theatrical Bellydance conference opening night party with Djinn
July 10 Theatrical Bellydance conference closing night party with Beatbox Guitar
July 13 Alura's birthday, Yael Becker, Kaeshi, Secret Asbestos & PURE NYC dancers
July 20 Elisheva, Sandralis & Beatbox Guitar
July 27 Tava Auslan, Kazja and Djinn
August 3 Amina, Diamond Salome, Kaeshi, Christina Nygaard, Mariposa & Beatbox Guitar
August 10 Kenya, Leela Corman, Casey Bond's Scheherezade Project
August 17 Altagracia, Beatbox Guitar, Kaeshi, Laurel, Ayano, Melissa R
August 24 Djam on the Water, Bellyqueen, Djinn, Beatbox Guitar, Sirens, Blossoms
August 31 Aszmara, Athena Najat, Mayra Huzid, Souren Baronian, Haig Manoukian, Mal Stein
September 7 4th Anniversary Party, Shoshana, Kaeshi, Djinn, Beatbox Guitar, Brian Carter
September 14 Elisheva, LaUra, Jodi (CA)
September 21 Irina Akulenko, Darshan, Beatbox Guitar
September 28 Sandralis, Fire Blossoms, Pete List
October 5 Zenaide, Layla Mary, and music from Carmine, Willa & Casey Bond
October 12 Brenna & Carmine's birthdays & Djinn
October 19 Kierra, 5 Rhythm Dancers & Beatbox Guitar
October 26 Gothic Halloween with Jeniviva Mia, Erica Joan, Karen X, Naoko & Beatbox Guitar
November 2 Groove Merchant Dance & Drum Ensemble, Aszmara, Rayhana
November 9 Jaida
November 16 Sira, Jaklina, Stephanie, Vanessa, Souren, Dickie, Mal
November 30 Lale Sayoko, Kaeshi, Kristin Hoffmann, Kenji
December 7 Elisheva's birthday, Djinn

  2010 Performers

Estelle Shao
Susan Frankovich
Yael Becker
MIra Betz

January 6 Jindra, Amy Staub, Cherrelle Davis, Sharon
January 13 Morocco, Dariya, Karima, Malika, Beatbox Guitar and Raquy & the Cavemen
January 20 Azza Amon, Kaoru, Iris and Malaya
January 27 Bellydance Evolution dancers and contestants: Megan Hartmann (MO), Angeles (Argentina), Suheil (Brazil), Vilia (CA), Nicole Macotsis, Elizabeth Muise, Serena Spears, Khuzama (PA), Alanah, Nadia Maria Michaels, Corien Loren, Tandava and Beatbox Guitar
February 3 Sira, Ninette, Antina, Maria Vaz
February 10 Cancelled due to snow
February 17 Aviva Khadra & Isis
February 24 Amantha May & Kazja
March 3 Yael Becker, Alura, Joanie, Faith and the Columbia University Bellydance Club
March 10 Elisheva
March 17 Andrea Anwar & Tava
March 24 Sandralis and Next Tribe
March 31 Thalia, Jessica Baker, Sully
April 7 Ranya Renee
April 14 Christina
April 21 Rayhana
April 28 Lale Sayoko, Rie, Ayano, Dariya & Malaya
May 5 Amy Staub, Tandava, Divira, Malena, MIkat & Midori

May 12 Tamar at Jebon
May 19 Susan Frankovich, Paola Blanton, Ayano, Laurel Moll, Jessica Baker, Rafiah
May 26 Trisha McBride, Stephanie Buranek (UT), Raquel MItchell, Maria Vaz, Ioanna
June 2 Mariyah and Layla Isis
June 5 Tamalyn Dallal's Weeklong Hafla with Elisheva, Sandralis, Alexandra Lenis (Miami), Tamaki (Tokyo), Tandava as MC
June 9 Reyna Alcala
June 16 Darshan, Irina Akulenko, Irina Kom, Laurel Moll, Mikat, Jessica B, Ritu, Ayano
June 23 Irina Kom, Dhyana, The Amazing Amy, Maria Prokofyeva, Alashiya
June 30 Casey Bond's birthday, Aviva Khadra & Johanna (Florida)
July 7 Yael Becker (Israel), Laurel Moll, Ritu, Ayano & Midori
July 14 LaUra and BellyTrance

July 21 Fayzah, the Ooey Gooey Twins, Cherrelle, Ayano and Even Dew (France)
July 28 Layla Mary
August 4 Aszmara, Amy Staub, Malaya
August 11 Estelle Shao (China), Manhattan Tribal, Elisheva, Jessica B, Russian Shakira, Aline

August 18 Dalia Carella, Hannah Nour, Kazuma, Ruby Jazayre, Laurel
August 25 Mira Betz, Alchemy Performance, Sarah Locke & Underscore Orkestra
September 1 Noora and Decotach
September 8 Sarah Jezebel Wood, Elizabeth Muise, Kazuma, Lale Sayoko
September 15 Sandralis and the Fire Blossoms
September 22 Leela Corman and Mark Balahadia
September 29 Ranya Renee
October 6 Evelyn Monks, Kazuma, Liron Ben Yakov, Melissa
October 13 Thalia
October 20 Azza Amon
October 27 Brenna, Kasia (Italy) and Taka (Colorado)
November 3 Elisheva
November 10 Akim the Funk Buddha and Princess Lockaroo
November 17 Jeniviva, Mystical Hips and Mayra Huzid (Argentina)
November 24 Cancelled due to Thanksgiving
December 1 Irina Akulenko
December 8 Jaida
December 15 Altagracia and Zenaide


Karim Nagi
AminaJill Parker

January 7 Athena Najat, Pacita, Neva & Malaya
January 14 Altagracia & the Carribean Rose Dancers
January 21 Tamar Kali
January 28 Karim Nagi's birthday celebration, Alia Thabit (Vermont), Masumi, Natasha Wozniak
February 4 Sandralis, Sophia Ma, Peishan, Debbie, Agatha, Karen P, Sandra Reina
February 11 Layla Isis and Elisheva, Danaya, Beverly, Naomi T
February 18 Mariyah, Shereen (Czech Republic), Andreya of Cairo
February 25 Zenaide (Vivian Garcilazo) & Rayhana
March 4 Anasma, Zoe Anwar (Madrid),
Megatron, Karla, Jenn M, Deirdre, Michelle V & Tandava
March 11 Reyna Alcala
March 18 Leela Corman & Amantha
March 25 LaUra & Elisheva
April 1 Sarah Locke, Renata, Alchemy Tribal Collective & B
April 8 Christina
April 15 80s JeProm - Amar Gamal, Irina Akulenko & Tandava
April 22 Andrea Anwar
April 29 Shoshana and Viktoria (Hungary)
May 6 LaylaMary
May 13 Aszmara, Tara Harper & Dariya Chugunova
May 20 Mimi Fontana, Manhattan Tribal and Elizabeth Muise (Connecticut)
May 27 Fayzah & the Aurea Dancers, & Marya
June 3 Mayra Huzid (Argentina), Gogua (Greece), Margarita Abadie
June 10 Irina Akulenko, Cindy
June 17 Danielle & Sunny's Birthday celebration, Eshtar, Masumi, Naomi
June 24 Lale Sayoko, Kazumi, Erika & Kate (Chicago)
July 1 Hannah Nour & Amy Staub
July 8 Trisha McBride and Vorona
July 15 Ranya Renee and Hannan (Argentina)

July 22 Thalia and Dwan
July 29 Desert Sin
August 5 Bellyqueen 10th Anniversary DVD Launch, B, Lisa, Ashley Bull, Sandralis and Irina
August 12 Ksenija (Slovenia), Masumi, Sandra Reina, Sherry Paris, Brad's drum students Gina, Julissa, Marjorie and Kaeshi, plus Mahalat and Erel.
August 19 Kamille Hitz (CA) and Fashion Show with Jessica Baker, B, Liz Free-Eshtar, Diana Susanto, Jenny Cohen and Jindra Payne.
August 26 Heather Shoopman (CA), Michelle, Sunny, Kisha Rivera, Luz and Malaya.
September 2 Akim the Funk Buddha
September 9 Layla Mary

September 16 Elisheva, Anasma, Rasa Vitalia
September 23 Tamar Kali, Iza Hassam
September 30 Mariyah, Angelique, Jessica B, Tanyika, Natasha W (Happy birthday!), Sheila, Deb
October 7 Closed for renovation
October 14 Reyna Alcala's students
October 21 Jill Parker (San Francisco), Amina (Germany), Rasa Vitalia (San Francisco), Irina Komarovskaya, Sarah Locke, Cherrelle
October 28 Pacita, Di'Ahana Restry, Troupe Moirae, Katie B, Cyndal Ellis, Kana and Namiko
November 4 Layla Isis, Malaya, Rie and Michelle
November 11 Brenna and zombies
November 18 Yael Becker, Jaewon, Jazmin and Rosario
December 2 Dalia Carella, Beatbox Guitar, Raquy, Luz
December 9 Dunya, Souren, Haig, Lee, Sandralis
December 16 Tarik Sultan, Hannah Nour, Zikrayat

  2008 Performers

Queen Harish
Ava Fleming
Tamalyn Dallal
Titanya & Dondi Dahlin
Amar Gamal

January 9 Oreet
January 16 Amar Gamal & Tamalyn Dallal
January 23 Ranya
January 30 Dunya
February 6 Shoshana
February 13 Aszmara
February 20 Anasma, Sandralis & Louise McClung (Texas)
February 27 Blanca & Jeniviva
March 5 Karim Nagi (Boston)
March 12 Sarah Locke & Alchemy
March 19 Tamar Kali
March 26 Dalia Carella
April 2 Akim the Funk Buddha & Irina Akulenko
April 9 Ashley Bull (Orlando), Zenaide, Ruric-Amari (Kentucky)
April 16 Crystal Dunlap & Irina Akulenko
April 23 Sandra Catena
April 30 Ayshe & Louise McClung (Texas)
May 7 Andrea Anwar
May 14 Fayzah and the Aurea Dancers
May 21 Shoshana
May 28 Men of Middle Eastern Dance Mohamed Shahin, Tarik Sultan, Mark Balahadia, Julian
June 4 Yasmine (North Carolina)
June 11 Layla Mary
June 18 Dondi & Titanya (San Diego)
June 25 Queen Harish (India) & Outi (Cairo)
July 2 Altagracia
July 9 Alura, Amy Staub, Safa (Pennsylvania), Misha (Wisconsin)
July 16 Elisheva, Aleeza, Tessarita
July 23 Anasma & Sandralis
July 30 Nadia Moussa
August 6 Sera
August 13 Mariyah, Athena Najat, Ruric-Amari (Kentucky)
August 20 Ranya
August 27 Goth Night Jeniviva, Alia Thabit (Vermont), Zan
August 29th Ava Fleming (Phoenix) & Princesses
September 3 Aszmara
September 10 Sarah Locke & Alchemy
September 17 Safiya & Miranda
September 24 Flamenco Night La Magdalena
October 1 Andrea Anwar & Pacita
October 8 Amantha
October 15 Dunya
October 22 Bastet Bellydance
October 29 Halloween Jeniviva
November 5 Ariel (DC), Zahira, Tanya, Edina (Hungary)
November 12 Dalia Carella & Ahmet Ogren (Istanbul)
November 19 Sira & Yasmine
December 3 Layla Mary, Scott Wilson, Rami & George Stathos
December 10 Mimi Fontana, Manhattan Tribal, Barushka
December 17 Ranya & the Gypsy Nomads
December 31 Amar Gamal, Blanca, Darshan

  2007 Performers


August 22 Morocco
August 29 Darshan
September 5 Fayzah and the Aurea dancers
September 8 Bozenka (Miami) and Amina (Germany)
September 12 Arthur Gulkarov (no show) & Sandralis
September 19 Hannah Nour
September 26 Blanca, Sarah Skinner & Autumn Ward
October 3 Sarah Johansson Locke & Irina Akulenko
October 10 Anasma
October 17 Alura
October 24 Mariyah
October 31 Heather Shoopman (Los Angeles)
November 7 Z-Helene (Austin) & Morganics (Australia)
November 14 Sera
November 21 Sandralis
November 28 Elisheva
December 5 Chandra Dance (Joharra & Cairo)
December 12 Blanca, Mimi Fontana & Manhattan Tribal
December 19 Athena Najat (Greece) & Sandralis