Bellyqueen's 2010 Journeys Along the Silk RoadBellyqueen 10th Anniversary Show in NYC
Bellyqueen on Croatian TV, 2008
Bellyqueen's 2008 show in Paris
Bellyqueen's 2008 show in Spring Caravan

Bellyqueen 2006 Promo

Bellyqueen 2006 Promo
(Fast Connection. 3mins. QTime. 18MB)

Music is "Daret Al Ayam" by RO-JE from CD Electric Oasis. Shot by Amy Staub, Andrea Beeman, Doug Shineman & Walt Irby. Edited by Amy Staub.

Bellyqueen 2003 Promo
(Fast Connection. 1.5mins. QTime. 6.57MB)

Bellyqueen 2003 Promo
(Dial Up Connection. 1.5mins. QTime. 1.92MB)

Music by the talented Karim Nagi aka Turbo Tabla.

WB 11 Segment (Fast Connection)
(2.5mins. QTime. 6.14MB)

WB 11 Segment (Dial Up Connection)
(2.5mins. QTime. 2.65MB)

Kaeshi teaches on-air personality Linda Church some belly moves on WB11 Morning News for Crunch Fitness. Additional dancers include Amar Gamal, Mashala, Thalia, Rose Freymuth-Frazier and Audrey Werner. Aired on June 2nd 2003.

Bellyqueen 2001 Promo
(Fast Connection. 4.15mins. QTime. 6.82MB)

The 2001 promo features dancers, Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Jenna. For those with dial up connections, we have conveniently broken our Bellyqueen 2001 Promo into smaller viewing chunks...

Bellyqueen Montage (Quicktime. 922K.)
A Bellyqueen Welcome (Quicktime. 1.08MB.)
Awakening Lotus (Quicktime. 852K.)
Saidi Cane Gathering
(Quicktime. 682K.)
Dunyavi Gypsy Passion
(Quicktime. 656K.)
Call of the Drum
(Quicktime. 555K.)
Forward Fusion
(Quicktime. 912K.)
Celestial Triumph
(Quicktime. 893K.)

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Bellyqueen 2000 Promo

(Fast/Dial-up. 1.21mins. Qtime. 2.34MB)

Bellyqueen 2000 Promo Video
(1.21mins. RealPlayer. 813K)

Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Jenna are featured in the 2000 promo video. Learn more about the music used.

Both the 2000 and 2001 videos were shot at the beautiful Bloom Ballroom, by the exceptionally talented David Chai.

Spanish TV Segment (Dial Up Connection)
(1.52mins. QTime. 1.37MB)

Bellyqueen appears live on "Despierta American" on Univision Spanish Television with host Raul Gonzalez. Aired on February 17th 7.45am 2003.

Next Tribe & Bellyqueen
(4.24mins. QTime. 4.25MB)

Amar and Kaeshi dance with world rock band Next Tribe at Wetlands.

Stacy Nimmo's ShowReel
(Realplayer. 441K.
Image only, no audio.)

Kaeshi dances with a veil.